RED for Executive Women® is a photographic project whose aims are to promote the fight for equality between women and men and to transmit the testimony of 100 women to all women and men in France and internationally. Certainly the way is easy but it is not impossible. The proof in image by the portraits and the writing with the testimonies.

“You know, despite a difficult destiny, I am, I remain always optimistic. Life taught me that with time, progress always wins. It’s long, it’s slow, but in the end, I trust.”

Simone Veil in 1995 during an official trip to Beirut


Inauguration of RED for Executive Women® on March 6, 2019 in Paris

RED for Executive Women® gives women the floor.

Every woman who posed for the project wrote a testimony according to a common thread. These testimonies published on the project site will accompany the photos during the exhibitions as well as in the beautiful photo book.

RED for Executive Women® invests for Gender Equality.

The goal of RED for Executive Women® is to promote Gender Equality. To do this, 30% of the profits from the sale of photographic prints will be invested to sponsor projects on Equality Women / Men in France and internationally supported by associations.

RED for Executive Women® is an artistic project AND the creation of tools so that model roles can be put forward and give their testimony to the widest public and in particular:

Promote the insertion of the youngest in difficulty

Promote the place of women in the professional, cultural and sporting environment

3 tools to promote Equality Women / Men

  1. Photo exhibition in France and abroad </ li>
  2. Beautiful Photo Book </ li>
  3. Meetings / Debates / Conferences </ li>



Why do we support this project?

It is a committed project for Equality Women / Man, that the artist, Gaël Dupret, has achieved through a militant and feminist commitment. He has been working for and for women’s associations for 3 years.

Beyond the photographic quality of RED for Executive Women®, what is interesting is the creation of the 3 tools to promote Gender Equality for the general public.

Communication, social networks and press

An audience that is very receptive to RED for Executive Women®: via Twitter, with the #REDforExecutiveWomen, Gaël Dupret makes an average of 100,000 monthly views.

The project already has several press articles including one in the ELLE magazine that you can discover on the website dedicated to the project RED for Executive Women®

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What remains to be patronized?

Exhibition : 22 490 €
Digigraphy certificates
Transportation of works
Presentation of texts for expo
Signage for the exhibition
Graphic designer (visuals for expo)
The opening night: 10 980 €
Community Manager
Graphic designer (visuals for print expo)
Invitation cards
Postal charges

59.26% of the budget of the essential part, or 47,235 euros, are already sponsored

* Listed are the fixed costs necessary to the good are presented. The cost of the caterer will depend on the number of people who have validated their presence at the event and the capacity of the place of the opening to receive the world. In the price of caterer / person is included the sweet / salty buffet, the drink, the delivery and the service on the spot. For 200 guests a budget of 6890 €

What is already sponsored:

Already funded: for a value of € 47,235

  • Communication 25 000 €
  • Antitheft protection of digital photos on project site 5,000 €
  • Authentication of works with certificate for insurance € 5,000
  • Website 5,000 €
  • Print pour expo et soirée inauguration 3 235 €
  • Work of the correctives for the book 3 000 €
  • Financial donations from individuals 1,000 €

The first patrons

From the beginning, the RED for Executive Women® project is supported by different sponsoring companies:


As well as by private donations.