Historically, the word “patronage” refers to the character of Caius Cilnius Mæcenas, protector of arts and letters in ancient Rome. It has gradually expanded to include in everyday language a natural or moral person who supports by his influence or by financial means a cultural project or an artist. In the course of history patronage has been of varying importance and has been marked by personalities: we are talking about the patronage of medieval princesses like Mahaut d’Artois or Isabeau of Bavaria, whose commissions brought several artists to life. (source Wikipedia)

There is 3 type of sponsorship: financial sponsorship, which is by far the best known, the patronage of skills and patronage in kind. Each project can receive the 3 types of sponsorship.

Financial sponsorship

Certainly the best known form of patronage! This is the financial support made by donations to enable the realization of a project. Generally there is no minimum or maximum.

Skills sponsorship

In-kind sponsorship is the provision of your skills / know-how, or those of your company in the service of a project. This can be the realization of the website of the project for the communication of it. The law recognizes this gift as patronage.

Patronage in kind

In-kind sponsorship is the provision of tools or goods for a project. This can be the provision of a place for the exhibition. The law recognizes this gift as patronage.


Tax exemption

Although this is not an obligation or a purpose, the tax exemption of your donation is one of the perimeters of sponsorship. by your donation you can tax 66% if you are an individual and 60% if you are a company (legal person in general). The 3 types of sponsorship, financial, skills and nature, can be tax-free.


Being a Maecenas is a state of mind

Being a patron is above all a state of mind. It is to give the possibility to artists to promote their art and to accompany them in this process. For a legal person, this can also be a project of commitment of the company on a problem (handicap, poverty, equality Women / Men) and involve the employees so that this fight becomes a value of the company.


This presentation of sponsorship is a simplified version. For the most information on sponsorship, we invite you to discover the Admical which is the institution of sponsorship in France as well as contact us!


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