The Human is the source of the photographic work of Gaël Dupret. For him, photography is a militant act that allows people to evolve their consciences.

Very quickly, he became interested in the homeless and in 2014 he realized his first exhibition on them. It will be a collective exhibition whose sales are for the benefit of an association that makes social maraudes on Saturday night in Paris.

In 2017, he is attempting contests to reach a larger audience on committed topics: TUNIS, The WIND of CHANGE, a look at the place of women in Tunisia in 2016;

September 2017 his work on life in Côte d’Ivoire is rewarded with the “LES PAPILLONS” Photo Award from the Carpentras International Photography Competition.

October 2017 he launches RED for Executive Women®, a work on gender equality.

May 2018, the city of Gennevilliers gives him carte blanche for the project “The place of women in urban space”


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His website : Gaël Dupret Photographe | RED for Executive Women®




Why are we supporting this artist?

Gaël Dupret is the trigger artist who motivated us to create this association and to sponsor committed artists. His atypical career (first photo at 5 1/2 years old, photographer for the Central Republic in adolescence), his personality, his love for the human and his activism seduced us.

When we We discovered his project RED for Executive Women® and his search for patrons, we wanted to help him by allowing patrons to tax their donations and thus facilitate their decision in support of Gaël Dupret.


His projects that we support

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Competition and photo awards


1st prize photo Les Papillons awarded by the Carpentras International Photography Competition

Winner of the National Exhibition of Photographic Art of Vernouillet (Eure et loir)


2017: Tunis the Wind of Change

2014: Exhibition on the SDF

2011 : P2B 2010, a look at the Printemps de Bourges 2010